Dressing up for Halloween can be loads of fun and using make-up instead of masks for little ghosts and goblins can be a wise choice because it doesn’t obstruct their vision when they are trick-or-treating.
Here are a few tricks to keep their skin safe instead of sore when the fun is over:
1. Clean and moisturize their skin before applying makeup. This will prevent stubborn to remove pigments from lodging into skin.
2. DON’T use wig glue, long-wearing eyelash fixatives or other harsh glues to apply mustaches, eyebrows or facial hair on children…use special glues or gentle lash adhesives that won’t irriate skin and are easy to remove.
3. Don’t get body or face paint too close to eyes. Use eye pencils, and liner shadows that are made for use in the eye area…and caution kids not to rub their eyes.
4. Gently loosen makeup by massaging skin with cold creme or Vaseline. Once it is loosened, gently wipe with a soft cloth or cotton pads. Repeat until all surface makeup is removed.
5. Remove makeup residue with a gentle facial cleanser or mild soap and water.
6. Use a moisturizer after cleansing to rehydrate skin and transform those goblins back to little angels!