Tips for a Glowing Holiday Complexion
It's the holiday season, and the soirees are aplen...
It's the holiday season, and the soirees are aplenty. Here, dermHA provides our tips and tricks to make sure you're looking and feeling your best when you step out on the town this year.  Challenge One: Your big party is tonight, but your makeup looks flakey and your blush is blotchy.  The solution here is to remove all of your makeup (avoiding eyes) by gently cleansing and rinsing. Apply a 10-minute enzyme mask to loosen dead cells, rehydrate and smooth skin. Remove the mask, moisturize, reapply makeup and you're good to glow! Challenge Two: Your face feels tight and itchy.  Most likely this is due to the harsh winter cold and dry indoor heat, which traditionally causes these problems. If you rotate your exfoliating cleanser with a gentle cleanser several times per week and splash your face with cool water after cleansing, there shouldn't be residue left on your skin. Already use a gentle cleanser? Use it at night. In the morning, massage and rinse your face with cool water only and apply your moisturizer and sunscreen. Challenge Three: My oily skin feels fine in the morning, but is dry and flakey by the end of the day.  You want to give your skin the extra moisture that it needs by adding a thin film of hyaluronic serum under your regular moisturizer for added hydration without the oils or emollients (use it alone as your night treatment too). Hyaluronic helps to suppress the excess oil production while keeping skin soft and glowing. Challenge Four: I forgot to take my makeup off at night.  Removing your makeup daily is a must for achieving and maintaining flawless skin. As soon as you're home for the evening from work or school, cleanse and hydrate your face. After workouts, rinse off sweat and oils or cleanse lightly until you get home. Periodic exfoliations can also help, give our Gentle Exfoliating Treatment a try once or twice per week.  
5 Summer Tips To Keep Your Skin Flawless Sun expos...
5 Summer Tips To Keep Your Skin Flawless Sun exposure remains the number one cause of premature aging. Each summer we age a little more whether we like it or not.  The sun's rays can be warm and sensuous... or intense and painful.  Much of how the sun affects your skin depends on us!  Here are several tips for sun sense:
  1. Wear a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or above every day-all year long. UVB rays are strong in summer and affect the surface of your skin; UVA rays are just as strong all year long and they go deeper to damage your DNA.
  2. Avoid extended time in direct sun between 10 AM and after 2 PM, when the sun is most intense and damaging. Wear protective clothing and reapply sunscreen every 90-120 minutes.
  3. Use sun glasses with broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection; and wear a wide brimmed hat to protect delicate ears and lobes.
  4. Increase your diet of fresh colorful fruits and green leafy vegetables--and drink 8-10 glasses of water per day to replenish and nourish your body.
  5. Spend at least 20 minutes a day walking outside to get your daily dose of Vitamin D3 while improving your digestion, circulation and over-all health.
Here’s a little skin TLC to help you look as ageless as you feel!
  • Sun stressed skin can feel rough to the touch, scaly or uneven.  A retinol and / or exfolient used daily helps to stimulate fresh new cells while a nightly regimen of glycolic/multi-fruit acids or a lactic acid serum can loosen and lift dead skin and surface pigment . Avoid products that  irritate.
  • Refresh. Hydration helps to soften and restore sun drenched skin. Hyaluronic based moisturizers loaded with anti-oxidants saturate your skin with moisture to help loosen surface pigment and increase desquamation(cellular turnover) while delivering nutrients to help regenerate and rejuvenate skin. 
    • Look for moisturizers with anti-aging green tea, grape seed, olive extract, phospholipids and Vitamin A that protect cells and aid in reversing the effects of sun-damage.
  • Protecting collagen helps increase skin’s integrity and strength. Used daily topical Vitamin C helps protect collagen that gives skin its structure.
  • Skin Brighteners help to fade dark spots.  Non-irritating skin lighteners with kojak acid, arbutin, vitamin C and lactic acid work best once damaged surface skin has been removed.  Skin brighteners must be used AM & PM for several weeks along with sunscreen to achieve results.
If you have questions or concerns regarding your skin, please contact Millie Bell at    
It All Starts With The Heart
February is “Heart Month.”  You’ll hear...
February is “Heart Month.”  You’ll hear a lot of information on how crucial it is to stay heart healthy.  Look for heart healthy programs in health organizations or hospitals your area.  If you are in the Philadelphia area, check out Lankenau Hospital’s Heart Institute – Women’s Heart Initiative. Heart disease is a serious issue especially for those over 40.  Make February the month to take charge of your health by having a check-up, eating a diet with less meat and lots of fruit and veggies, drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day, and walking/exercising/meditating daily. A side benefit to doing these things for your heart is that your skin will be glowing as well. The heart is also where we “feel” love.  Valentine’s Day reminds us how important it is to “love and be loved.”  Valentine’s Day gives us permission to openly express our LOVE.  Love is the ultimate emotion and it truly does conquer all.  Love eliminates all negative emotions from your spirit when you choose to genuinely feel and express it.  Romantic love is magical and amazing but expressing your love for family, friends and even pets can enrich your world.  Most importantly take time alone to contemplate your blessings, treat yourself well and shed a bit of love on yourself . Treat yourself to a new outfit, haircut, massage or skin care routine.  You’ll look great as well as feel great. Giving to others can lift your spirits too. Consider giving a small gift of love to someone who may not have a special person in their life. No matter your circumstances you can make 2017 into an amazing year by:
  • Remembering the dreams that excite you
  • Restoring your energy by taking care of your health
  • Resolving to live your very best life this year by filling it with people and experiences that really make you happy and feed your spirit!
Make your life a life you love!  Start now! 
TLC for Healthy, Smooth, Soft Summer Skin
Skin is your biggest fashion accessory during the ...
Skin is your biggest fashion accessory during the hot, humid summer weather.  Skimpy tees, sun dresses, shorts, mini’s, swimsuits and sandals expose more skin than at any time during the year.  Feet and toes are set free too …but that’s a whole other blog.  To keep your skin looking great all summer long, you’ve got to provide a little TLC. #1   TTake the ‘touch’ test by lightly running your hands over your shoulders and upper back, the backs of your arms, the backs of your thighs, legs and over your feet.  Remember these normally out-of-sight areas can be visible to others.  Check for bumps, rough or scaly skin. (If a mole, unusual growth or raised lesion is tender or painful to the touch, check in a mirror to see if it’s discolored or flaky… and if it looks suspicious see your dermatologist.) #2    L:    Layer a film of dermHA’s lactic acid exfoliating body gel on rough, scaly areas.  The leave-in gel penetrates and helps to gently lift dead cells while smoothing  skin on elbows, knees and feet.  It also helps to unroofs and lighten blemishes on the shoulders, chest and back revealing a softer, smoother, clearer looking skin. #3   C:  Cleanse your skin morning and especially at night to remove dirt and grime as well as dead cells, sweat and oils that are naturally excreted every day. Calm, cover and clothe sun stressed skin with a light film of dermHA’s Therapeutic crème.  Therapeutic Crème is loaded with moisture soaked hyaluronic acid to keep skin soft and smooth; arnica, aloe and calendula to calm and lutein to help protect the skin from sundamage. **Remember to use sunscreen on any area of the body that is exposed to direct sun.  Reapply as necessary, especially on the face, earlobes, shoulders, arms back and chest. Start now to keep skin touch-ably soft and healthy all summer long.  If you have questions for special skin issues, call 610-269-7009 for a complimentary consultation.  
Summer Skin Tips for Teens!
Teens are living breathing ‘transformers’… h...
Teens are living breathing ‘transformers’… hair sprouts in strange places, voices change, and they begin to see the world through new eyes.   It’s an exciting time full of ups and downs, with one of the biggest downs being acne.  Pimples, blackheads, pustules and cysts can cause insecurity, low self-esteem and scarring.  It’s the emotional scars from acne that can last a lifetime. Summer can be extra challenging for teens with the increase in sweat and oils… and the tendency for girls (especially) to cover up blemishes instead of clear them up. Teaching skin care at an early age to both girls and boys can save lots of stress for them and save lots of money for you.  Selecting the right product for your teen is crucial.  Products that are too harsh can overly irritate skin and do just as much damage as the acne.  Products that are too drying or heavy can dehydrate skin and block pores causing even more breakout. If you are clueless, seek professional help. Estheticians are licensed skin care specialists who are trained to treat many types of skin and skin conditions.  Most estheticians offer complimentary consultations …and if needed they will refer you to a dermatologist. Teen Tip:  2 X Cleansing  Cleansing and hydrating your skin in the morning and especially at night is crucial for getting rid of bacteria, sweat and oils. *Don’t use buff puffs, scrubs or loofa’s on acne skin.  Loofas and buff puffs can harbor bacteria plus the friction from rubbing is known to stimulate more acne break-out. <Follow with a water based moisturizer to hydrate and balance oil production>   For more information or for  a complimentary consultation call 610-269-7009 or  go to
Managing Your Acne During the Winter Months
Acne impacts a person’s life on many levels. It ...
Acne impacts a person’s life on many levels. It impacts their appearance, their self esteem and it impacts the way that they are perceived by others. An acne breakout can take the form of blackheads, pustules, cysts or a combination of all of these. It’s particularly challenging to manage acne during the winter. Outdoor cold coupled with dry heat from homes, businesses and cars can cause moisture loss and make skin tight and dry. That dryness stimulates the oil glands to produce more oil. The excess oils subsequently accumulate and solidify in the pores mixing with dead cells on the surface to form waxy plugs. Add bacteria and the tops of those plugs oxidize and turn black causing blackheads. Further infection can lead to pustules and cysts. Daily cleansing and hydration is crucial in winter months. Here are a few Tips for those with acne prone skin Skin Care Tips: Use an exfoliating cleanser with AHA’s or Salicylic Acid--but no beads or gritty substance. (Use one with hyaluronic acid so it doesn’t sting or irritate your skin.) If you use Retin A or topical acne medication, use a gentle cleanser without acids or exfolients. Use a water based moisturizer, with high percentage of moisture binding hyaluronic acid. – Use it AM and PM to keep skin healthy and hydrated . Wash and rinse your face in cool water not hot. Don’t use fabric softener.. use a clean wash cloth every day.( Rinse first to remove detergent residue) Use a gentle enzyme mask once or twice a week to lift dead cells and loosens congestion. Apply a dot of pure tea tree oil on pimples or pustules to kill the bacteria and fungus. Lifestyle Tips: (Use a humidifier at night or put a pan of water on radiators to keep moisture in the air of your bedroom. If you don’t have a humidifier make sure your window is cracked just a bit to allow for ventilation.) Don’t rub skin and avoid tight turtlenecks that rub. Friction can cause an outbreak of pimples. Don’t touch affected areas unless your hands are clean. Don’t squeeze acne cysts as the infection could spread. Keep hair out of your face and wipe your cell phone with alcohol often to kill bacteria. Don’t use topical or oral steroids—they’re known to aggravate acne. Dietary Tips: Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.. every day. Eliminate sugar, juices, cow’s milk and soda from your diet for a month to see if your acne improves. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, butter, cheese, cream , fatty fried foods and hot and spicy foods. Avoid processed foods and those containing iodine like fish, kelp and onions. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables… especially ones with zinc like shellfish, whole grains and sunflower seeds. Take acidophilus to keep your digestive system healthy. If you have questions or would like a consultation, call 610-269-7009. Stay beautiful, Millie
Good Love
Valentine’s Day gives us a license to love. It...
Valentine’s Day gives us a license to love. It’s a wake-up call, a reminder that love is important and valuable. Love needs to be expressed, to be nurtured and to be cherished. Make your Valentine’s Day special by giving a gift from the heart. Men as well as women love to be pampered and spoiled. Making a special dinner, a bubble bath and massaging your mate with oils by candlelight can work wonders for any relationship. Remember, love in itself is-the greatest gift of all. If you don’t have a special someone, or friends to share the day with…plan a pamper party for yourself. Loving yourself is sometimes the greatest challenge, but it’s crucial to attracting love in your life. The best way to receive love is to give love. Make love and kindness a part of your daily life and watch it blossom. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and let your love light shine!   Stay Beautiful, Millie
Winter Itch
Winter Itch A friend once took her 5 year old son ...

Winter Itch

A friend once took her 5 year old son to the Emergency Room because after his bath he broke out in itchy painful hives. The culprit? Dry skin.

Although most of us experience some degree of dry, itchy skin during the winter, it's hard to believe that your skin can get that dry, so itchy and dry in fact that it becomes painful.


What is it?

Winter itch is a term for dry, itchy skin that occurs during the winter. Cold, harsh winter weather combined with dry indoor heat can cause skin to lose moisture, feel tight, irritated and itchy (and that includes your face!).


Although winter weather contributes greatly to dry skin, there are many factors that can make the problem worse, including: Soaps, shower gels and skin care products with fragrance, harsh cleaning agents or deodorants. Even body depilatories that were fine in warmer weather can suddenly become irritating... and the more you scratch, the more you itch.


If you’re a victim of winter itch, take time to investigate the cause. Cortisone crèmes are a quick fix but they aren’t recommended for long term use.
  • Keep your baths and showers short and the water warm not hot--A long hot bath feels       good but pulls moisture from skin
  • Lower room temperature at night, crack a window  and/or use a humidifier or a pan of water on radiators to keep moisture in the air.
  • Use super hydrating bathing and personal care products with no fragrance, alcohol, lanolin, dyes or propylene glycol to prevent irritating already dry skin.
  • Use non-greasy moisturizing crèmes after a bath or shower – especially on arms and legs where skin is thicker with fewer oil and sweat glands.
  • Keep toasty in cold weather by dressing in layers and eliminate itchy wools and synthetics garnished with glitter.
  • Switch to fragrance free detergent and don’t use fabric softeners on sheets, pillowcases, wash cloths and towels or anything coming in direct contact with your skin.
Keep winter skin hydrated and if you need help go to Stay beautiful, Millie
Guest Blog by Cheryl Ann Wadlington, Style Directo...
Guest Blog by Cheryl Ann Wadlington, Style Director at Evoluer Image Consultants Whether we want to admit it or not, appearance matters. You have just under 10 seconds to make a winning first impression—and the way you look conveys a lot to the world about how you view yourself. So, when you look in the mirror, are you happy with what you see in the reflection? If not, the following are simple and effective tips to help you transform into the well-put-together person you were meant to be inside—and out. Check Yourself Ask yourself: Am I presenting the best me to the world? And does my look represent the person I am? If not, what’s holding me back? Write down both the positive and negative aspects of your appearance and work on changing those things that don’t accurately portray the person you want the world to see. Fit In Know and dress for your true size and shape— not the Will Smith or Halle Berry figure you pre- tend to rock. Your clothes shouldn’t be too baggy or too tight; they should drape nicely on your body. If you can’t bend or dip without flashing someone, you are probably wearing the wrong size (remember, if it doesn’t fit, you ought to quit). Also, if you’re wearing clothes that make you feel uncomfortable, you will probably feel more self-conscious. Color Correction Minimize neutral colors, which blend into your skin tone. Vibrant and warm, rich colors radiate on almost any skin tone. Plus, bright colors can command attention, put you in a good mood and make people happy. Re ’Do Have you worn the same hairstyle for more than five years? Do you wear the same style regardless of the occasion? Do you envy the styles of others? If you answered yes to at least two of these questions, it may be time to try a new ’do. An updated hairstyle makes you feel confident and look more modern and chic. Make Under Not every high-fashion look is right for you. If you are unsure about how to apply makeup, visit a makeup counter in a department store and find out what products complement your skin tone. The goal is to enhance your beauty, not to make you look like a clown. The right style transformation keeps you marketable and desirable and can give you confidence to tackle the world. So just remember: Polish until you sparkle and sparkle until you shine inside and out!