I was introduced to your skincare line by a friend of my mom’s Liz. She was watching me suffer with horrible acne, and told me to lose faith, that this skincare line might offer some much needed relief. I am 26 and had NEVER had acne. I actually remember the two pimples I had in high school. All of a sudden, in my mid-20’s I was beginning to see these horrible blemishes, and they just got worse and worse until my cheeks were covered in painful, stubborn pimples that just wouldn’t budge. I was absolutely miserable, and my mind was CONSTANTLY busy with feelings of self-consciousness and sadly self-loathing came with those feelings. Not long after the acne took over, my boyfriend proposed. It’s sad to say, but I almost couldn’t enjoy the engagement because I was so worried that my skin would continue to look horrible, and that I would have to walk down the aisle looking like an acne ridden teenager. I tried EVERYTHING…and nothing worked. I was absolutely heartbroken. In this time, Liz told my mom about dermHA, and was kind enough to send me sample. Right away, I could tell that this product line was different, nothing smelled strong, there weren’t crazy ingredients in the washes and creams. My skin started to feel softer just one day after I started using the products. I was noticing an all over difference. Nothing was dry, my face just felt clean. The Gentle Face and Body Wash has this fantastic lather, and when I rinse my face and it doesn’t feel like there is residue left behind. The toner is fantastic, and doesn’t have the extreme smell like so many toners do. It adds that extra feeling of cleanliness post-wash. And the HA Therapy is one amazing lotion! It is unlike any moisturizer I have ever used. The consistency is perfect, and it is the first lotion that I have ever used that I can really feel working long after I have applied it. Using your line in addition to a topical solution prescribed by my dermatologist has completely eradicated my acne!!! I am emailing you right now, because I just washed my face and looked in the mirror and was GENUINELY happy with the way my face looks. My skin is almost totally perfect. I now see these products as the backbone of my beauty routine. I recently also started using the enzyme mask more frequently, and the gentle exfoliating cream, and they have both been helping a lot with the scarring that the acne left behind. I could not be happier, and it is important that you know that you have created products that change lives. I’m living proof! I will walk down the aisle with my head held high because my skin is amazing, thanks to you. “
This is a real letter, unsolicited, by a real dermHA user. To order the products she mentioned, go to www.dermha.com or for a free skin consultation with one of our skin care experts call 1.610.269.7009 . Healthy, hydrated skin is possible with dermHA…