This is a great moisturizer to use after various treatments and when skin is dry or scaly. It may be used on both the face and body.



Our all over hydrating crème provides a protective film for chapped, flaky and sensitive areas of the face and body. Soothing properties of arnica, calendula and vitamin B6 calm and soften rough, dry skin.

Weight 4 oz
  1. Sondra


    It fixes any dry patch in just a few applications. A must have in the dry winter months, but light enough for year round use. My kids love it too–wonderful chapped hand healer. Works great for both the face and body. A product I cannot live without!

  2. Andy


    Such a wonderful product! I’ve been using it for 6 months now, and I’ve never used anything better. Non greasy and so light and smooth. Perfect!

  3. Nicole


    This is such a rich, hydrating, all over body moisturizer. I use it right out of the shower and it locks in moisture all day long…This is a must have in your dermHA bag of goodies!

  4. Shay Wood


    This product is terrific after a great cleaning with the facial cleaner. I even use on my two-year old daughter who has a very severe dry skin / eczema problem. It hydrates our skin yet doesn’t leave it feeling greasy or heavy like other products.

  5. Sandy Sue


    This is an incredible product! So rich, soothing, and healing for any skin, especially dry skin. Does not have that waxy feel most cremes or moisturizers have. Everyone I share this creme with gets addicted to it and has to have it for themselves.

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